What is a Woman’s Circle or Sacred Ceremony?

A gathering of women, for women. A very ancient practice that our ancestors practiced, called Red Tents or Moond lodges where the women in the family and tribe would gather in the lodge and freely bleed back into Mother Earth. Back then, they lived in harmony with Nature, the Great Mother as they called her, that the women’s moon cycle were synced, and that was treated as very Sacred. Women would gather in the Red Tent, and share stories, and laughter, and enjoy their sisterhood, femininity, and divinity. This is just one example of a Sacred Ceremony. Many more were (and still are) performed on special and various occasions such as: First blood Ceremonies for young WomenFire Initiation Ceremonies for young Men with Sacred Sweatlodges/Temazcal. New and Full Moons
quinoxes that marked a certain Seasonal transition
Sacred Union/ Marriage 
Rites of Passage such as First/Last Blood,
Motherhood/Birth, Passing Over and so many more!
The knowing of these Ceremonies, and longing/search for their Sacredness run deep in our blood, they are coded in our genes. And that is why, we have kept those traditions. The Magic is real, and it always finds its way back. Our Modern traditions may be practiced a little differently, but the Intention and the knowing is there! It is a true responsibility to keep practicing such Ceremonial work, as it will connect us deeper into our roots and ancestors, and our Great Mother, the cosmic Womb, the ever powerful force of Creation, Nature.

Women Circles

New Moon Ceremonies are held monthly, under a specific theme relating to the relevant energies.
We come in Circle in full transparency, trust, and sisterhood to create a Sacred space together.
Every single sister joining the Circle brings her Magic into it, so remember, all of you is welcome!
In honoring Nature and our Great Mother, Equinox Ceremonies are a must! As above, so below, as within, so without!
Coming together in honoring, witnessing, and celebrating the cycles of Nature is a blessing from her, and a gift from us.
On Full Moons, I offer Individual Private sessions often paired with Cacao. Kindly refer to Private Sessions.

 Upcoming New Moon Circles:



Cacao Ceremonies are also a very ancient tradition, held by the Mayans. The Cacao was considered so valuable that they used to trade it for Gold. It was only to be consumed by Priests, Priestesses, Artists, and figures of hierarchy in Sacred Ceremonies.
And, believe it or not, the Cacao Tree is called “Theobroma Cacao”, which means “Food of the Gods” ; the Mayans actually believed the God came from the Cacao Tree, or the Cacao Tree had God in it, due to its rich nutrients, taste, and effect.
Cacao is a heart-opening Medicine, and the ancients knew this secret. How amazing is it that we do too?
Cacao ceremonies have proven to be heart-warming experiences, supporting one into beautifully and almost euphorically connecting to his deepest, purest self. Often, with child-like enthusiasm and lightness.
I often hold Women Circles or Shakti Dance workshops with Cacao Ceremonies. I’ve experienced people also expressing interest in Private Cacao Ceremonies, where the Individual Ceremony flows highly intuitively. 
I hold and guide the space in a full surrender of your Intention and the Cacao Medicine, sometimes bringing in Movement, Emotional Release with Drumming and Voicing, and Coaching.
Find out when the next Ceremony is, or book for a Private person or group Ceremony here.

Blue Lotus

This divine euphoric elixir was very Sacred to the Ancient Egyptians. Like with Cacao, Rituals were held in temples only amongst the Noble. Rare to find now, the Blue Lotus lives up to its legend. (Fun fact, it’s not actually a Lotus, it’s a Lily- doesn’t make it any less powerful though!) Often the Egyptians mixed it in their wine to bring about it’s euphoric and slightly narcotic blissful states. It is most commonly also used as a warm tea infused with the leaves.This Medicine has powers of openness of heart and Self, states of elevated happiness and bliss, also euphoria (but not psychoactive). Creativity and creative expression, bringing what is within, without. And that is why I love combining the Blue Lotus with Movement, Voice Activation, and Creative Play.
Blue Lotus Ceremonies are held once a while, find an upcoming Ceremony below, and book for a Private Individual or Group Ceremony.

Rites of passage and Sacred Ceremonies

Rites of Passage marks special transitions Initiations, in our human life.
Meaning, First Blood Ceremonies for young Women and Fire Ceremonies for young Men mark their growth.For women, her path is Maiden, Mother, Crone(last Blood), and it is very special, and important, to come in Ceremony with family and tribe to witness and celebrate such a moment in life together. For men, his path is Boy, Father, Wise Man, and equally as important to be witnessed among his brothers, and Initiated into his ascension in Ceremony and Celebration.
Rites of Passage could also be extended to: Sacred Union/Marriage Ceremonies, even Sacred Cord Uncutting/Divorce Ceremonies.These Ceremonies are extremely special, and often, private for family and tribe, that is why they are only to be booked privately. Below is the List:

First Blood/ Young Woman Initiation
Birthday Ceremony
Sacred Union/ Marriage (For couples or for one person, in reconnecting to Self)
Sacred Cord Uncutting/ Divorce
Blessing and Cleansing New Home Ceremony
Baby Naming Ceremony
Baby Sex Revealing Ceremony
Sisterhood Ritual
Last Blood Initiation
Death/ Sacred Journey Ceremony

“Sandi is a loving and supportive goddess. She leads with grace, and has a beautiful energy that allows one to melt into the heart of their own being. I was lucky enough to be in Amsterdam for one of her new moon goddess circles. It was an energizing, grounding and heart-expanding experience.
Sandi has a soft fierceness about her- I felt safe and strong in her presence, and her passion to support the divine feminine comes across in her words, actions, and the energy she gives off. A medicine woman, she takes care to hold sacred space for you.”


This feels very real and practical, not to mention fun and helpful. and under all the reality, a lot of magic is happening. The mirroring effect was very clear and strong within the circle and we all found ourselves in each other, even though we were strangers. I can’t wait to join more events as Sandi really helps organize the chaotic female power in me.