Welcome to the world of Sacred Ceremonies!
And thank you for choosing me to walk this path with. You are in good hands and Spirit.

There are several options to join a group Ceremony or Shakti Dance®  or book for a Private, be it Individual, Group, or Corporate.
You can also work on a 1:1 Coaching session with me that usually flows according to your Intention and my Intuition.
Inviting the heart-warming and opening Medicine of Cacao is always an option! 
You can also choose from one
of the below services, or a combination of all, spread out over a Moon Cycle

Goddess Rising * Emotional Release * Inner Child Work

1 11 1    Thank you for hearing the call of the frog! Everyone who feels the resonance is welcome, but, this is not a Medicine to take lightly.

Before welcoming you, I’d kindly ask you to read the contra-indications first, and then send an email to info@medicinewithin.nl

Introducing yourself, sharing your intention, and experience with Medicine and Ceremonies.

If we have a green light, confirm your payment and i will send you the preparation e-mail.

There are 2 Ceremonies/month at my space in Almere Haven.
Here are the upcoming ones-

  • Join for 85 € p/p

Or Book for a Private Ceremony by sending an email to info@medicinewithin.nl:

  • Individual: 135€ / Or Group: 120€

You can also book for a Ceremony in the comfort of your home/space

  • Starting price (excluding transportation costs):
    Private: 175€ and  Group:155

Thank you for welcoming the Sacred into your life, deep gratitude for this recognition.

Important: For the monthly Women Circles, kindly click here.

For bookings for Sacred Ceremonies, kindly check below.

Sacred Ceremonies are extremely powerful, and beautiful, as the work is beyond what we see in this Physical realm. Deep energetic work happens here, and your ancestors are surely present with us, what an honor! Thank you for choosing me as your Ceremony facilitator. Here are the Ceremonies that I bring to you:

  • First Blood/ Young Woman Initiation
  • Birthday Ceremony
  • Sacred Union / Marriage
    For couples or for one person, in reconnecting to Self
    Sacred Cord Uncutting/ Divorce
    For couples or for one person, to release previous ties with other souls, or part of Self that no longer serve
  • Blessing and Cleansing New Home Ceremony
  • Baby Naming Ceremony
  • Baby Sex Revealing Ceremony
  • Sisterhood Ritual
  • Last Blood Initiation
  • Death/ Sacred Journey Ceremony (also for loving pets)

Let’s dance, let’s experience and express ecstasy of the Shakti, the Divine Feminine within us!
Shakti Dance® invites women (but not only) of all ages and backgrounds to come together in Yoga and Dance.
Classes are often for 1.5 hours, but could go for longer.
Here are the upcoming Shakti Dance® classes you can book:

Or Book for a Private or Corporate

  • Class
  • Workshop
  • Retreat

Private Sessions

All private sessions are for 60 euros (65 with Cacao), for 75 minutes.

Goddess Rising
With the gentle, loving, and deeply feminine embrace of Sacred Cacao, we will journey deep into your heart, your essence, and your womb wisdom.
That is where your power is.
The Divine Feminine has many facets, and we will work with different Archetypes tailor-made for you, and hold the loving and daring space for your Goddess Within to Rise and Shine.
Break out of self-limiting patterns, making yourself small, and not fully owning your power.
It is time for the Goddess to rise and claim her throne.
She knocks on your door, will you open? 

Emotional Release
*You are more powerful than you know, you just don’t know it yet*
Held in the loving embrace of Sacred Cacao, your precious voice, and the healing powers of Drumming, we will journey deep into your heart and womb wisdom.
Mostly all negative feelings are actually masking an underlying layer, neither of which we express, and over time they get stuck and pull us down.
Of the many divine gifts we have as Women, our Womb and Throat connection is beyond magical- and that is why Voicing and Emotional
Release tremendously heal us.
Themes include:

* Anxiety * Anger * Fear * Grief * Longing * Ecstacy 

Inner Child Healing

Held in the arms of the gentle and heart-opening Sacred Cacao, we journey deep into your essence, into a transformational path.
This Divine Feminine Medicine will open and guide you into meeting your Inner Child. It is believed that almost all of our problems come from a
Wounded Inner Child; depression, anxiety, confusion and negative patterns that keep us stuck, unable to transcend.
In these realms, you are your own healer; Enlightened Witness”. The medicine will simply hold a space of infinite love for you to:

* Connect * Reparent yourself * Release what needs to be


What a huge release! I enjoy my new voice coming from my stomach and I feel its vibrations. Clear, fearless, and grounded. Revelations are flowing in my heart, and the world is appearing differently to me.
Completely trusting that more great things will happen and I’m excited. So thankful to working with Sandi, and looking forward to going much deeper.. It’s all just flowing, and I haven’t felt this space and easiness in my heart for a long time now.


I have a few Kambô sessions under my belt and Sandi is, to me, by far the kindest and warmest practitioner I had. She is not only very dedicated and knowledgeable but explains every step of the ceremony beforehand and very well. She keeps motivating and assisting you till the last purge has done. I definitely will visit her again and highly recommend her work.