5 Tips and tools for an awesome Kambo Ceremony:

So the frog is calling you, you are ready for your Kambo ceremony.
Best to not go in with expectation, but instead, with the right tools to best help you navigate the experience.

Purging * Sweating * Burning up * Defecating * Swelling * Nausea

Yeeep, most probably all, but that’s the magic of this powerful Spirit. This is how it makes contact with you,
all of your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic bodies to spread its healing through.

 So, here’s a list of tips and tools to support your Kambo experience:

 1- Intention

Your intention is your why, the absolute truth you carry in your heart that will surely give your experience a clearer direction, immense support, and a whole lotta value. Even if it is difficult to formulate, take the time to clarify and crystalise your Intention. And believe me, it doesn’t need to be 7 or 17 things, often just one is powerful enough.

2- Surrender

Surrender is a beautiful and very powerful Medicine on its own, and it works wonders with Kambo. Mind and physical discomfort will get in the way, that is why Surrender is key, to hold all of this without attachment. I often say, Hold your Intention in your heart, and surrender to the Medicine.

3- Breathe

Breath is a great grounding tool. In everyday life, we hear “Just breathe”, women in labor receive the same piece of wisdom. Why is that? Try it now, be aware of your present Self, breathe into your heart, and down to your base if you can. Follow this breath three times. Do you feel the difference?

Breath is life, when we connect to it, we are connecting to our life force. Not with the mind and stories, but the pure energy of Life. A whole different resonance to tune into.

4- Comfort in the discomfort

Kambo is a fast and difficult experience, and often we want it to finish as soon as possible.
How about looking at this from a different lens?

Embrace the discomfort. As  mentioned earlier, the nausea, sweating, dizziness and all the unpleasant feelings are the magic in this Medicine. You are here to open to its healing, so why not fully welcome it?

The science behind Kambo is magnificent, there are so many peptides and neuropeptides working together ( dilating blood vessels, contracting muscles that cause violent purging, lower blood pressure, painkiller properties and much much more
So be in gratitude for the discomfort, in full openness and awareness- and see how this will unfold in your everyday life 😉

5- Invite the Warrior(ess) within!

Kambo is a warrior(ess) Medicine. The Matses (hunters of the Amazionian jungle)
administer it to give them before they go hunting to:

Give a clear direction
Heighten their senses and awareness
Clean they human smell so animals won’t track or notice them
Give them a strong energy charge
Channel your inner Warrior(ess)! You are much more powerful than you think,
and Kambo is a great tool to bring up that Warrior(ess).
We all have an inner Warrior(ess), whether we know it or not.
I was so pleased and amazed to meet mine a few years back. She’s been with me ever since,
and I call her in when I need her, and she’s always there. 

Beautiful soul, I invite you to consciously bring in these tools in your next Kambo Ceremony, and feel the difference.
There is nothing to be afraid of, your power, truth, and Medicine are within you. Trust!


Connecting with our Goddess energy is one of the most powerful things that we can do.
When we honor the sacred feminine inside of us and unleash the Goddess within, we tap into an abundant energy of ancient wisdom, transformation, possibility and open a divine channel to our medicine.

Here are 11 ways to get you started on the path to reclaiming your divine feminine fire

Honor your truth

One of the most important things we can do on our paths to reigniting our feminine fire is reclaiming our truth. Throughout our lives, we are taught that we need to remain compressed, silent and ignore what is present for us. This is past conditioning and it has been very damaging to women. One of the best ways to unleash the Goddess within is to honor your truth. Listen to your needs. Connect with your desires. Speak your truth. Take the time you require to do the things that call to you. When we begin to open a channel of communication with our truth, we are tapping directly into our inner Goddess energy.

Listen to your heart

Our feelings are powerful portals of information. These guiding compasses tell us in every moment how we feel on people, situations, or our environment. In the past women have been told that they are too emotional and as a result we have locked ourselves away from our feelings. On the path of unleashing our inner Goddess, we need to open ourselves to how we feel and honor these brilliant medicine. Listen to what your heart is telling you and honor this deep wisdom.

Value your time

As busy women, our time is in high demand. We need to reclaim proper boundaries in order to make sure that our time is not being wasted or diminished where it doesn’t serve our highest good. This can include one-sided relationships, situations that are draining, or paths that aren’t in alignment with our deepest calling. When we begin to recognize our time as precious and valuable, we are opening the door to our worthiness and our Goddess within.

Love your body

The feminine form in all her shapes and sizes is a natural wonder. We have been taught through past conditioning to think our sacred temples need to be something other than what they are in order to be celebrated. The divine comes in every incarnation and we need to celebrate the variety of our bodies. Worship your Goddess form exactly as it is in this moment. Shower your temple with praise, love and compassion.

Create sacred space

Every Goddess deserves to be surrounded by sacred space that is clear of stagnant energy. Clear away clutter, get rid of old unused items and clothing, and put things back where they belong. Take the time to paint or hang tapestries that call to you. Place items in your sacred space that call to you and where you are on your journey. Turn your surroundings into a sanctuary that will nourish your path and clear the pathway between you and your inner Goddess.

Create sacred rituals in your life

Rituals are powerful ways of connecting with transformative energies. They slow us down and bring presence and sacredness to our actions. You can do practices during the New Moon to set intentions in your life. You can create an offering practice of gratitude and gift flowers, plants or seeds in thanks to the Earth. You can create a simple meditation or yoga ritual where you light a candle, put on some music and root yourself in your practice. The Goddess within loves connecting with us in sacred ritual and through these practices we dive deeper into her seas.

Connection with Mother Earth

One of the quickest and easiest ways we can connect with Goddess energy is to tap into Earth energy. We can spend time in nature walking her paths or communing with her birds and animals, stand barefoot on her soil, meditate under a tree or plant a garden. You can also bring Earth energy indoor with potted plants, essential oils and crystals. Connection with Mother Earth is grounding and can help us be more centered and focused. It can also bring us peace, balance and calm.

Honoring the cycles

The Goddess is ever changing through the cycles of the planet and through our own natural transformation. All that we are and all that surrounds us is sacred alchemy, ever waxing and waning. We can connect deeper with the Goddess within by honoring these powerful cycles. Take some time to bring awareness and honor the passing of the seasons. Be present and celebrate the changes in your body or the changes that occur on your path.

Open to receive

So many of us have a hard time with receiving. We are powerful givers with wide open hearts, but can have aversion to opening up and getting back what we give because we don’t feel worthy. When we clear away the masks that were taught to us in regards to our worthiness, we are able to open wide and receive. We are worthy of receiving praise, compliments and acknowledgement. We are brilliant, talented beings that were born worthy. When we open to receive, we open to all the abundance the Goddess can flow into our lives.

Honor your dreams

Our dreams are powerful indications of our desires. We are here to manifest amazing possibilities and our dreams and desires are compasses that can point us in the directions that we need to go. Pay attention to the desires that are calling to you. Be present with the dreams that want you to follow. When we honor the truth of our dreams, we give ourselves permission to live our lives the way we want which is a potent way of opening to our Goddess fire.

Be present

Take the time to slow down and enjoy more. Savor the delicious experiences that life brings to you. Enjoy the moments you have with those you love or doing what is sacred to your heart. Take more time to nourish yourself. Relish every bite of cake or sip of tea. Rooting ourselves in the present moment and enjoying the simple pleasures is a powerful way of tapping deeply into Goddess energy.

Written by Ara Campbell