Hello beautiful soul,

Thank you for being here.
I’m Sandi, a Medicine Woman walking the path of Healing, Awakening, and Empowering souls into their Rise and Shine through:

Kambô  Ceremonies 
Sacred Sister Circles and Ceremonies 
Shakti Dance®  
~The Yoga of Dance® 

Medicine Within came through the journey of self-discovery; a dark and painful descent into the darkness to a powerful rising into light. 

A Dance of Creation and Destruction.
An alchemy of Poison into Medicine.

My story is that of a Heroine’s Journey in which I’ve cultivated values, tools, and space that have served as a compass into knowing myself, really knowing myself and the Medicine within me. And through this embodiment, I am in service of assisting others on their path.

 Patience * Acceptance * Compassion * Trust * Surrender * Gratitude * Truth * Freedom



Coming into Circle, Ceremony, or Sacred Space is pure bliss and magic to me. And I love it!
Primarily, it is creating Rituals, which brings the Sacred back into our daily lives.

(Tip: Start your day with a Ritual of setting an Intention for the day and giving a small prayer of Gratitude. And the whole vibration within and around you will shift… )

Second, it is sharing this sacred container with others,  meeting parts of ourselves and each other that sometimes are not welcome. In this space, we are sisters, brothers, mirrors, We are truth, and healing. We are home.

My mission is spreading the magic and ancient knowledge to awaken the (very) powerful Medicine Within through Kambô  Ceremonies, Sacred Women Circles, and Shakti Dance® so far through South-East Asia, the Middle East(my homeland, Lebanon), and Europe, where I currently live and work, in Amsterdam and Almere, the Netherlands.

Alongside the aforementioned, I’m an avid learner, and have acquired many tools that I bring into alchemy in my sacred space including NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Inner Child Work, CBT(Cognitive Behavioral therapy), Emotional Release and Yoga to:

  • Recognize the Divine within
  • Rise into your Power
  • Express your fullest, truest, most beautiful Self and be the full expression of your Soul